by Francine

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you reel in the fly but it’s still so you splash it instead dilate your days and you can steer clear of what was unfed chocolate on the tray the young ones yawned before they fled your shot would come in third but what you stood to show nobody said
one cruel summer had gone narrowing down – a dot – a receding boat that now was clearly out of range a candle and bed southbound and certainly not good as gold sometime during the fall happening on a whistle in a winter coat that now was clearly mine it came a sound overhead southbound and certain comforting and so cold if you had one too many faces one too few hearts you’d bring em through the turnstiles sadder exhibition park and while you’d never submit your numbers off the cuff maybe your math is bad or maybe you were never loved enough and they’ll keep taking your money if you don’t understand, go home because the word is out you’re out one suit hand after hand
sir, the nascent bits have claimed you as one of their own and the basin’s starry and feral and just as certainly now your home when the NiCads ran down far too far for memories to stay had you ever taken a child to your chest or did you just go away steady now obvious as a dime fountainwards ten tries though none of them try you’ll make them yourself while wading out you’re a ring topology and you blink to recognize will you go to erin or are you still resigned and disorganized steady now obvious as a dime fountainwards ten tries though none of them try you’ll make them yourself steady now think it’s better connectionless
seven gulls are staring you down as you’re leaving the dock–side bar you’re thinking replay of a terrible film you’d seen before but you’re hoping no want to keep your vision into your graying years to study the features of the face that belongs to your one true love escalator’s empty there’s no sign of god
cold on the tongue of your darling no radio can be made out still modulation on her face cool numberless and out of place so you learned to shift lefthanded at night so you could memorize her fingers in your right and now you overexpose until it’s pale led away and bled out through the mail suddenly you were the day sucker leaving me with three day weeks you don’t want nobody to stay? sucker it could have been the most amazing i’ll break your market long before it crashes burn your clothes and swallow the ashes underexpose until it’s black led away and put down round the back and you’ll pray to remain undefeated you’ll say anything to retrieve it and sell what it takes to go unnamed sell what it takes to go unnamed
in the van we sang along to dolby and settled on the best the golden age of wireless in the van we sailed route 360 and headed off to bed like it was nothing we were out of dimension you told me, you told me this wouldn’t matter bright and right all along when you told me this wouldn’t matter by the last bar wished upon a coinstar the lanes just merged to one and shayne got married in the sun take the long view sail if you want to we’ll sing along to ben like it was nothing i am ugly but rakish desperately tired a mobius bad trace won’t be rewired i missed you the most i am gladly mistaken picking up speed i am stirred but not shaken learning to read i missed you the most i am live in the water rising in rings love that braniac’s daughter whenever she sings still i missed you the most
rough arrangements inventorying your wiles then it’s b wells MD seashells moss trail stretching green for miles here comes here comes your memory vindictive old faithful shamelessly calling attention while it’s able and we would do the same here comes your memory predictive ungrateful illuminating the guests pulled up to the table and we would do the same so don’t think i won’t ring to call to ask you don’t think i won’t ring to ask to call you sugarbear
grass gets long – russell field closed for a while they’re gonna beautify it good galvie metal replaces wood and nobody talks much anymore pin your face and favorite books in the air you’re pretty and busy and lonely too i bet minehan knew one of you you called to say hi lakeshore gold rendering your tiny type in bold fold into a plane give it to the wind again grass gets cut and russell field opens its arms stupid grin came back today driving range with P & J and nobody talks much anymore
what do you get when you call out loud you only get what you circuit bend out of skin home-sick and kind of homely oh no we had no occasion wicked as this to pay for one goodbye at penn station a kiss an asterisk an omission driven business to bid you godspeed and luck at penn station i guess what do you get when you blow off every place you went to picnic for one in a field this is the place we sent you so circle the streets when you don’t know better but stop when you do taste each others teeth in our throats long after the credits are through
caleb’s been ranging wide through out-skirt desert side walkabout sunburnt pride the grackles gather like luckless offspring it’s a wonder that they keep up saw that elliott could not wiser to get out than stop give em spikes and nadirs and moguls and ridges it’s a long way back from how you’re making due 10 mph over will storrow drivers ever notice the view? better beige than blue you led her off-stage but knew a stand-in is just that answered your page and threw your back out filming over your shoulder extension cord leading out from the laundry room sweet nell, defending the snow fort well past june tv dinners’ll keep for a year or two
formations are flown then come apart fuel goes up when it should not steeper than recommended when stabilizers fail to defend we’re out at the air show where something is bound to go rivettingly wrong so meet me at the air show where something is bound to go wonderfully wrong inverted v dials disagree tarmac innocents are free to decide to run or to ignite and hold their hands and lighters up high caught in the slipstream it’s end over end it’s an optical stunt it’s a ruse visible nylon strings give away that we’re faking the news
hey john drake counting days make your way to the room in the basement and scale embassy ledges fail and the rover’s at sea
beatrice beware he’ll come to you with his black and starless hair on fire though it’s not as if he’s a bad egg he means well beatrice don’t stare don’t make me rhyme you – know – what with desire though it’s not as if I’m a bad egg I mean well beatrice my love you get to gatherings so ungodly early and that’s why this irc channel burned 900 days beatrice that shirt is kind of embarrassingly girly though it’s not as if you’re a bad egg you mean well you’re not a bad egg


Massive Thanks to Brendan Haley & Jon Lupfer


released June 13, 2006

Paul Simonoff
Albert Gualtieri
Steve Scully
Sean Connelly
Clayton Scoble

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Steve Scully & Francine

Additional recording by Rafi Sofer
Ugly But Rakish & Beatrice mixed by Rafi Sofer
Mastered by Matt Azevedo at M Works

Photography by Wiliam H. Coaldrake
Back photo by Allison Hewey
Art Direction by Jay Walsh for



all rights reserved



Q Division Records Catalog Boston, Massachusetts

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